LEFHEBBERS is a Design & Advertising agency based in the heart of Europe, in the City of Amsterdam.
5 Years and counting and with hundreds of different clients in their track record,
LEFHEBBERS is still growing each day of the week. With its two owners Fabian and Max,
supported by a team of (creative) specialists, LEFHEBBERS can handle a large variety
of creative challenges with only one demand towards their clients;

We want to create and not only execute. Therefor we always ask for creative freedom.

Due to LEFHEBBERS one creative demand we are not committed to one segment, target group or main end product.
Over the years LEFHEBBERS has worked for some big global corporates on campaigning, and lots of SMEs.
Ranging from corporate design all the way to product design and packaging.
This has given us a broad scope of creative end-products,
knowledge of materials and techniques in a large variety of businesses.


LEFHEBBERS works in a three stage approach which generates the best result and durable creativity:

Strategy – What is the client’s wish and what is it based upon? Define what the client really needs and especially why!


Make – Transform the formulated strategy in a custom design up to today’s standards and ready for tomorrow’s upgrade.


Use – Learn the client how to use the design, campaign, or application for an optimal long term yield.



LEFHEBBERS is always available for a cup of coffee, slice of cake and a chat.
This also counts for noncommittal questions, advice or feedback, so do not hesitate to contact us.
You can also follow our activities through our social media channels and in addition,
we invite you cordially to sign up for our newsletter.

Kindest regards,